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About www.diabeticshandbook.com

The website http//www.diabeticshandbook.com was originally developed in 2006 by Thomas for the purpose of providing information for diabetics. Thomas offered free access to documents entitled "The Diabetes Primer" and various weight loss documents. He has since created and provided numerous tools for diabetics that are very powerful aids in gaining control over diabetes and weight.

The Author Thomas E. Nelson had spent years researching diabetes in order to gain an understanding of the disease and learn how to treat it. Frustrated by the inability to get helpful information from doctors and health providers, motivated Thomas to begin the project. After accumulating thousands of pages of notes on diabetes, Thomas began organizing the notes to make finding information more efficient. After completing the compilation Thomas realized that the material would be of significant help to diabetics worldwide. He sent a copy of the new transcript to several publishers, most of whom responded with interest in publishing the material as a book. Thomas selected one of the publishers and on March 20, 2011 received the first printed copy of his first book "Diabetic's Handbook." The book was very large (850 pages), which caused the printer to place a price tag of $39.95 on the book, which Thomas felt was too expensive for most diabetics.

A publisher suggested that Thomas reorganize the material contained in the Diabetic's Handbook into a step-by-step program. A step-by-step program would prove to be more beneficial to diabetics. Thomas then began to rewrite the material and incorporate a large amount of newly discovered information to develop the second book "Diabetes Control-6 Steps to Gaining Complete Control over Diabetes." It was completed and released in the fall of 2014.

Thomas used his experience gained from working with traditional publishers to change his publishing practices. He submitted his transcript for the second book to eBook publishers. Smashwords.com was selected, because it is the largest publisher of eBooks, and had the software to convert the transcript to perform in every brand of hand-held reader on the market. He now has 9 eBooks on diabetes that are available for the minimum allowable cost of #2.95 each; or less, despite the fact that they would be well over 1000 pages if printed as a paperback or hard cover book. Thomas has learned that printers limit book sizes to 850 pages, and the actual cost of printing an 800 plus page book is nearly $30.00 with shipping per book. Thomas also purchased special software that enables him to offer the eBooks to be read on a PC for those that do not have a hand-held reader.

Two of Thomas's books are available for purchase on Amazon.com for Kindle hand-held-readers. However, Amazon removed his books from their primary catalog, because his books are sold to Macintosh (for the MacBook) and Barnes & Noble (for the Nook reader) through Smashwords.com.

Thomas began to organize and conduct free diabetes classes in the library branches of his community in 2010. The classes are now a 6 week class at two hours per class. The classes have become a favorite for both the attendees and the library personnel. He now teaches additional classes at Senior Centers, the Knowledge Exchange, and is a regular scheduled class for the Shepherd's Center in his area. He now teaches upwards of 8 classes each year. Numerous attendees have written letters to the library system claiming that the class saved their life.

Thomas resides in east central Florida with his wife and two daughters. He has three degrees, AAS Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Science-Business Administration-Magna Cum-Laude, and an MBA-Business Administration.